Every effort is made to provide the tour as described below, however the itinerary may change due to situation beyond our control. 
Today we meet the driver escort at hotel (handled on your own) and drive through the interior of Sicily to reach Piazza Armerina to view the ruins of the Roman Villa of Casale (Admission Fee: not included). The mosaics discovered here are celebrated among scholars of antiquity. We then continue to the Mall: Sicily Fashion Village (http://siciliaoutletvillage.it), located in the middle of Sicily. The mall offers several Italian and International brands at cheap rate. Enjoy your shopping time. This afternoon we then return to Palermo.

Piazza Armerina: Ancient mosaics in the Roman Villa
Sicily Fashion Village: A nice mall (outlet) in the core of Sicily

Piazza Armerina is a small town in the province of Enna famous for the mosaics of the Roman Villa of Casale. This town, apart from splendid monuments and palaces of the Baroque-renaissance style, possesses the largest complex of mosaics which ancient Roman civilization has handed down to us. The building of this villa has been placed at around the IIIrd-IVth century A.D. and was planned as a luxurious hunting lodge for the Emperor Maximian Herculius. It contains several floors in polychromatic mosaic covering an area of about 3.500 sq. metres. The mosaics excavated here are in uncommonly beautiful colours and were the work of African craftsmen, pupils of a great school which propagated African mosaics to other regions with relations with their homeland such as Spain, Gaul and Italy. For the greater part the subjects are scenes and figures taken from history or mythology; in the corridor of the big game hunt, a hunting scene is shows, from the chase up to the capture of the animals. The captured beasts will be taken to Rome and exhibited in the Circus Maximus, thus contributing to the pride of the rich patrician who had organized the ‘safari’ and to the delight of the Roman public, enthusiastic spectators of the circus. The apse on the right of the corridor contains a personification of Africa with an elephant, a tiger and a phoenix taking flight from its flaming nest. In the “hall of the ten girls” the feminine figures appear in scanty costumes, each differing from the last in form and style, but very reminiscent of the modern bikini so fashionable today.

- Group of 2 People: Euro 220,00 per Person
- Group of 3 People: Euro 170,00 per Person
- Group of 4 People: Euro 140,00 per Person
- Group of 5 People: Euro 115,00 per Person
- Group of 6 People: Euro  95,00 per Person
- Group of 7 People: Euro  80,00 per Person
- Group of 8 People: Euro  70,00 per Person