Corleone is one of the most representative places in the sourranding of Palermo. At the beginning of the 1960s, the village became famous (or perhaps infamous) for connections with Mafia; in fact, some well-known clans had their headquarters here (the Clan dei Corleonesi). Furthermore, Hollywood movies linked inexorably Corleone to the Mafia; the name of the town was even used as the adopted surname of the title character in Francis Ford Coppola’s movie, The Godfather.

Nevertheless, from 1990s Corleone inhabitants did their best to get back a good reputation, and started a social campaign to promote legality. In 2000 was born the Anti-mafia museum (CIDMA), an organization that collects all the docs and pictures of the most important mafia bloodsheds. The CIDMA instruct people to understand how Sicilians hate mafia (as organized crime) and how important and honest judges and police staff risk their life trying to destroy the mafia’s power. For sure, visiting this site is a great way to understand also social conflicts in combo with the visit to the small village.

Corleone is a very nice place and has a typical Sicilian style. Once medieval town, encircled by walls, today the ancient city centre is paved with well kept cobblestones, and show the Spanish influence in the Baroque architecture.

Stroll on your own around the street of the town, discover the history of Saint Leoluca and Saint Bernardo (both born here) and, above all, don’t leave Corleone before visiting the CIDMA.

Visiting Corleone is for sure “an offer you can’t refuse”!

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