Pistachio, the Green Gold of Sicily

The green gold of Sicily, famous and appreciated all around the world, the king of ice cream flavors, used in several Sicilian recipes.

His majesty the Pistachio

What to expect

We will take you in a private house where the home-chef and his family will welcome you with a typical Sicilian Aperitif.

Then dress the aprons, sanitize your hands and you will be involved in an engaging cookery course that will allows you to use the famous Sicilian pistachio in your own recipes. You will be able to create tasty and creative recipes with the Sicilian pistachio.

You will learn how to make the most of our genuine pistachio in the kitchen.

During our Sicilian pistachio cooking class, you will make with us a traditional Sicilian dish that is easy to make at home and we will taste together what we have cooked in the kitchen.