3..2..1: Truffle Season Just Started!

WOW … and our mouths are already watering!

Truffles are still mysterious to most people

Did you know that in old times, pigs were used to sniff out truffles!

They had to muzzle them, otherwise, they would lose half of their haul.

Today, dogs are trained for this propose and obtain a treats for the truffles they dig out. So, it’s a win-win.

And yet, to some Sicilians, finding truffles in the forest is almost a daily pleasure…

Not to mention the preparation of food and drinks with the overwhelming taste and scent of these truffles!

But here’s what we want to tell you…

In Sicily you can find the best truffle old watermill farm ever to immerse yourself in the tradition of truffle hunting!

EAT-Box Truffle in Sicily

 Speak directly to a local expert, learning the tricks of the truffle hunting trade

⇒ Taste a selection of local Sicilian truffle delights used by Sicilian Chefs

⇒ Explore the perfectly preserved Time Machine Museum-City

⇒ See real Sicilians as you walk around this 19th-century water-mill farm

Get a 10% off for your next holiday in Italy and Sicily

Special Lunch at the Water-Mill is planned using either black or white truffles, straight from the forest where your tour takes place.