Walking Holidays Sicily

Mediterranean Essence

Tour of Sicily gives you the opportunity to live incredible walking experiences along the wonderful coasts of Sicily, jewel of the Mediterranean Sea.

Volcano and Nature

You’ll enjoy hiking in the bigger active Volcano surrounded by amazing landscape and swim in Gorges and Natural Reserve.

Archeo Trekking

Unforgettable archeo hiking tours, to walk in nature and culture visiting archaeological sites in combo with nature reserve and park!

Bike, Hike and Eat

Sightseeing, biking, walking holiday in combo with art, culture, local life, villages off the beaten track, wine, gastronomy and street food!


Tour of Sicily can combine biking, cultural and gastronomic tours of Sicily with an amazing walking holiday experience.

Describe us your preferences, and we’ll get back with a tailor-made package customized on your desires.

You can choose to plan just a day walking tour as well as a walking holidays or a mix of bike, walking and private/regular day tours. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the astonishing landscapes, the remarkable architecture and the delicious gastronomy creating the beautiful context into which the golf courses are plunged.


for centuries people have travelled by foot …
… whether it is was for a pilgrimage, to visit friends, or simply to be at one with nature.

Walking Holidays have had a revival over the last decade and it’s this combination of expertise and excitement about walking as a form of relaxation that has opened a whole new walking world for the 21st century and, yet one that will almost always take you right back in time.

Climb into the incredible culture, mediterranean terrain, and unbelievable beauty of volcano, mountains, necropolis, archeological sites, valleys and forests on a hiking tour and walking holiday in Sicily!‌


Let us show you an idea of tour and feel free to get back to us for more details


We handpick the most scenic biking routes from Countryside to the amazing Salt Way road and Windmills.

Our biking tour leaders know the least trafficked cycling routes and also the most terrific stops –the trattoria where you can lunch al fresco, the olive three perfect for an independent picnic, the best spot to pick wild blueberries and fresh lemon–.

An island where art, history, traditions and architecture hail from countless centuries. Where Mount Etna simmers on the horizon and delicious dishes forever raises the bar.

An island almost as close to Africa as to Europe.

It’s Historic and Passionate: It’s Sicily!