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The best strategy to customize your Sicily tour is hiring a Local Sicilian Driver Escort; he will guide you to experience amazing destinations without hassle while exploring the landscapes. The Driver Escort can provide certain uniqueness to each tour, not only with their insights into the region, but also offering diverse options and excursions based on your wishes.

Quality of your Travel Experience

The true determinant of a Sicilian trip today is the quality of your travel experience; that’s why we have compiled a fantastic range of services specifically designed to ensure your trip fulfils all your dreams. Whether you want to book a scenic transfer, a day tour or a multidays tour, enjoy one of our unforgettable Tour of Sicily customized on your desires.

Customized Trip Experience

With us you can create your tailored vacation with your very own professional driver-escort. Special attention is taken to give adequate time to all stops and to meet your special requests when possible. We want to assure that your experience in Sicily is both memorable and enjoyable. So, come and indulge in your very own Sicilian experience!

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Experience genuine insights into Sicily and its culture and enjoy individual support by your Sicilian local experts!

Describe us your preferences, and we’ll get back with a tailor-made package customized on your desires.

You can choose to plan just a day tour or few days as well as a couple of weeks and do not miss the opportunity to explore the astonishing landscapes, the remarkable architecture and the delicious gastronomy creating the beautiful context into which the golf courses are plunged.

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Why Visit Sicily?

Here Are Four Good Reasons To Go Now

1. Activities Available all year round

  • Mount Etna Experience – Mt. Etna is an active volcano on the island of Sicily. As the tallest active volcano in Europe at almost 11,000 feet, it’s also one of the most active volcanoes. While in Sicily, take the time to hike this beautiful volcano, which was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.
  • Walking Holidays – For centuries people have travelled by foot …whether it is was for a pilgrimage, to visit friends, or simply to be at one with nature. Walking Holidays have had a revival over the last decade and it’s this combination of expertise and excitement about walking as a form of relaxation that has opened a whole new walking world for the 21st century and, yet one that will almost always take you right back in time.
  • Golf – Are you a golf lover? Have you have ever thought about playing golf in the shadow of a volcano, or close to the amazing shore of Mediterranean Sea? Tour of Sicily makes it possible!
  • Yacht Charter – With hundreds of miles of coastline, Sicily is the perfect place to explore by boat. You’ll enjoy Sicilian golden sandy beach as well as lovely bay with black jagged coastlines, in stark contrast to the clearest water you’ve ever seen.
  • Bike Holidays – We handpick the most scenic biking routes from Countryside to the amazing Salt Way road and Windmills. Our biking tour leaders know the least trafficked cycling routes and also the most terrific stops –the trattoria where you can lunch al fresco, the olive three perfect for an independent picnic, the best spot to pick wild blueberries and fresh lemon–.

2. Fabulous Archaeology

Sicily has sometimes been described as an open-air museum because of its numerous archaeological treasures with several locations designated as UNESCO Word Heritage sites. In Siracusa, a powerful city when it was a Greek colony, there are many important ruins like the Temple of Apollo (6th century BC) and the Neapolis Archaeological Park. In Taormina there’s the splendid Greek Theatre dating from the third century BC with magnificent views of the coastline which sent Goethe into a swoon. Sicily’s largest classical-era arena, dating from Roman times, is in Catania. Constructed with brick, marble and lava stone, the amphitheater had a rock-concert-level capacity for 15000 spectators. The Valley of Temples in Agrigento  and the Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Amerina about an hour-and-a-half drive from Agrigento, are also must stops. The villa in Casale is a spacious Roman-era dwelling with an extensive collection of 4th century AD mosaics. Its Sala delle Dieci Ragazze shows young athletic women practicing various sports like discus throwing, even weight lifting, wearing what looks like modern-day bikinis.

3. Amazing Wines

Sicily has 23 Denominazioni di Origine (DOC), and one DOCG and can be divided broadly into four geographical regions. Here are the three major regions to know.
Sicilia DOC is a broad, island-wide appellation. It launched in 2011 by a consortium of wine producers who promoted the Sicilia IGT to a DOC. The dozens of wineries participating in the appellation agreed to work in tandem to promote Sicily’s native grapes like GrilloNero d’AvolaFrappato and Catarratto as well as the lesser known Inzolia, Grecanico and Perricone.
Etna DOC – More than any other swath of Sicily, Mount Etna’s wines have earned lavish attention over the last few years. The region’s climate is quite different from elsewhere. The mountain’s unique wines earned DOC recognition in 1968.
Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG – Compared to Etna, Sicily’s southeast corner offers lower elevation and higher temperatures. That makes it prime red wine country and the source of Sicily’s only DOCG, Cerasuolo di Vittoria.
Marsala DOC –  Originally, the fortified wine Marsala was created for the English market by John Woodhouse of Liverpool, together with his companions Ingham and Whitaker in 1773. They were looking for a replacement for the English’s beloved sherry

4. The Best Cuisine 

Sicily’s cuisine with Arab, Greek and Spanish influences.

Invaders came and conquered but brought with them foodstuffs and cooking styles that richly enhanced the local diet.

Ancient Greeks introduced figs, olive trees, artichokes and sheep’s milk cheeses.

Arab settlers added citrus fruits, along with almonds and eggplants, and sweet-sour flavorings known as agrodolce (also favored by ancient Romans) in dishes like pasta with sardines or anchovies, raisins and pine nuts.

The Spaniards contributed the all-important tomato and chocolate.

If you order a Sicilian cassata, it’s like eating your way through history—Arabs, Normans, and Spaniards all influenced the development of this tasty treat made of sponge cake, ricotta, fruit and liqueur.