Restaurants in Sicily

Whether you’re looking for Michelin-starred restaurants in Sicily for a special occasion or simple trattorie offering delicious, freshly prepared food, you’re not going to be disappointed with the region’s cuisine.

Our Sicily restaurant guide

Give a peek to our Sicily restaurant guide includes the best restaurants in each area, all of which we have tried ourselves or heard about from trusted family and friends.

Restaurants are listed by city order. We are not going to show all the cities but just the top sellers.

Know before you go

Before we get into the list, we are pleased to share with you a few information related to dining at restaurants in Sicily.

1. Trattoria They are usually family-owned, casual neighborhood restaurants that serve typical local food.

2. Osteria Traditionally was a small wine bar that also served some snacks. In these years and also thanks to the different way to enjoy meals, osterias evolved to serve full, even if simple, meals. In genberal an Osteria is simpler than a trattoria. Many of them won’t even have a menu as what’s served depends on what was purchased that morning at the market.

3. Restaurant is of course a term to refer to any type of restaurant. It is the fanciest of the 3 categories of restaurant and you can can usually expect white table cloths, porcelain plates, and an elegant setting. The food will usually be more intricate, and often less local, than at an osteria or trattoria –especially if it is a gourmet–.

TOP Restaurants in Catania

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TOP Restaurants in Palermo

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TOP Restaurants in Taormina
-Rosso Divino Trattoria – Read More>
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-Trattoria da Nino – Read More>
-Al Saraceno
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TOP Restaurants in Siracusa
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-Ristorante Regina Lucia – Read More>
-Ristorante Porta Marina – Read More>
-Locanda Maniace – Read More>
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