Places to visit in Sicily

There are so many attraction and places to visit in Sicily that you’ll be spoilt of choice.
Placed in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, the gorgeous island of Sicily is indeed a treasure chest filled with an incredible number of treasures to discover.

Its strategic position made it the favored destination of numerous dominations from the down of time, and visitors can find traces of the various cultures in every corners. From the suggestive Greek temples of Agrigento and Segesta to the Byzantine mosaics of Monreale Dome, from the lively open-air market of Palermo -brimming with colors and flavors in Arab style- to the majestic Roman Villa del Casale set in Piazza Armerina, not to mention the finest examples of Late-Baroque set in Val di Noto, or the Norman castles and cathedrals scattered through the whole island.
Sicily’s incredible diversity in landscapes ensures an enjoyable holiday to every kind of traveller: the sea enthusiasts will love the turquoise Mediterranean waters; the mountain lovers will live amazing adventures by hiking the dramatic slopes of the mountains set in the heart of the island, or by climbing Etna Volcano, the largest and most active volcano in Europe.
And what about the gastronomic tourist? He will be enthusiastic about the delights of Sicilian cuisine, and inebriated by excellent wines, since it is a fact that food is one of the most striking Sicilian attraction.

Explore this page, and discover a wide range of Sicilian destinations, both the most renowned and the little-known ones, each of which surprisingly unique of its kind.