Pozzallo, located on the southern coast of Sicily, is the largest seaside town in Ragusa area. Over the years, thanks to the Count of Modica Cabrera, it developed activities based on marine trading; not by chance, the bastion of the guard, built to defend the harbor from pirates’ attacks, is named “Torre Cabrera”.

Due to its strategic position, Pozzallo is the first port for tourist contacts with Malta (about 90 minutes on ferry). Today the city can be used as a base to visit Malta, but also as a preferred destination for summer holidays.

Visiting Pozzallo means take a huge dive in a sea deep blue and unbelievable clean. Thanks its crystal clear water, in 2002 it was honored with the prestigious blue flag.

Stroll along the gardens and the squares of the city centre, and enjoy the panoramic terraces as well as the numerous cafés, restaurants, pubs & clubs that liven up the evenings of this delightful village.

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