TOP 3 Palermo Sailing Experience

Hoist the sails and go!

Wind and Sea help us to begin our adventure to the Capo Gallo Nature Reserve, an amazing promontory of karst origin,  with its dramatic cliffs, and the small Isola delle Femmine –Isle of Women– known for its Nature Reserve.


Palermo Sailing: combine sea, sky, luxury, passion and, enjoy our Sailing Tours!


Palermo Sailing Tours: sail is our passion and we want to share it with as many people as possible.

You are about to visit one of the Italian regions abundant in history, monuments and natural beauty, Sicily is definitely the place for the most demanding travelers, a place where you can satisfy every taste and request.

A Palermo Sailing Experience offers dazzling natural beauty, breathtaking views and exceptional beaches to make it one of the top super-sail destination in the world.

Get ready to discover the sailing world of Siicly and beyond!

A journey through Mediterranean atmospheres made of bright towns and colourful domes, hills and terraces overlooking the sea with amazing beaches, certainly one of the most fascinating coastline in the world, where the natural beauty blends with the work of men who for centuries has shaped and coexisted in symbiosis.

What better way to explore this paradise than onboard a sailing boat?

Indulge in the Palermo Sailing and Tour of Sicily experiences!

Palermo Sailing and Tour Experience: contact us!

Palermo Sailing and Tour Experience

Enjoy great tours, sail and events in Palermo as well as in the entire island of Sicily. 

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