Buscemi is an old, fascinating village located in the south-east of Sicily. The historic buildings of the city-centre, destroyed by the earthquake in 1693, were then rebuilt in Baroque style; let’s mention, for example, the Cathedral, S. Antonio church and S. Sebastiano church.

However, the reason why Buscemi is worth visiting is another: in fact, this little town (no wonder if it is called “museum town”) houses a peculiar ethno-anthropological museum certainly unique of its kind.

A walk through the old town will therefore lead you to the discovery of “the house of the farmer”, “the blacksmith”, “the laborer’s house,” “the carpenter and coppersmith’s shop”, “the shoemaker” and many other typical jobs and activities of several decades ago.

You will learn how people used to work and live, within an environment incredibly well preserved: it will be a real full-immersion experience!

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