Castelbuono is a delightful medieval town nestled in the Madonie Park that will fascinate you at first sight.

It owes its origins to the Count Francesco I of Ventimiglia, who at the beginning of 1300 decided to build a castle on the hill of the ancient Byzantine town called Ypsigro. The name “Castelbuono” literally means “good castle”. Not by chance the castle is the main highlight and one of the leading reasons why the town is renowned.

The building, presenting Arab-Norman and Swabian features, houses a precious Palatin Chapel with wonderful marble decoration in Baroque style realized by Giacomo Serpotta in 1683.

After a visit of the castle and of the Cathedral “Matrice Vecchia”, stroll around the narrow, medieval street of the old town. Finally, to give a sweet taste to your visit, stop in one of the numerous cafés; there, you can taste the “testa di turco” (litterally “Turk’s head”) the typical dessert of Arabic origins made of a delicate cream flavoured with lemmon and cinnamon.

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