Madonie Mountains

Madonie Mountains reveal a part of Sicily that you wouldn’t expect. In its natural reserve (Madonie Park) lie some of the highest mountains of Sicily, and thanks to its huge extension it offers a landscape incredibly various in flora and fauna. The colors of the scenery in autumn and spring are simply breathtaking. From the peaks you can enjoy an astonishing view of a large portion of Sicily and even of the Eolian islands!

The Madonie Park embraces fifteen medieval towns, including Castelbuono, Petralia Soprana and Petralia Sottana, Polizzi Generosa and Cefalù, each one rich in culture, art and history and certainly worth a visit.

A tour in Madonie Park can take many different forms, depending on your interests, the group size and the number of days at your disposal. Hiking along one of the numerous routes and itineraries, varying in difficulty and length; visiting some of its gorgeous villages; doing horse-riding or mountain-biking; tasting genuine local product such as meat, cheese, olives, mushrooms, fresh seasonal vegetables and wine produced nearby; these are just few examples of the possible experiences.

Furthermore, if you want to get close to the nature doing an amazing and challenging experience, go and visit the Adventure Park. Located near Petralia, it offers a wide range of funny and challenging activities in a natural frame, such as rope ladder-walking, tree-climbing, archery and many others.

Madonie Mountains will offer you an unforgivable experience showing an unusual Sicily rich in panoramic, artistic and cultural beauties.

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