Malta Shore Excursions

A selection of Malta Shore Excursions is offered if you Cruise ship docks at the Port of Valletta.
All tours will be operated with licensed English speaking staff.
You will discover the best of Malta, a small but incredible Island in the Mediterranean sea

our Malta Shore Excursions will permit you to discover the landscape of this small Country and taste the old traditional food made of simple ingredients.

Discover our Malta Tours to learn about the history of this Island

The Maltese Islands went through a golden Neolithic period, the remains of which include the mysterious temples dedicated to the goddess of fertility. Later on, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Romans and the Byzantines, all left their traces on the Islands.

The Arabs conquered the islands in 870 A.D. and left an important mark on the language of the Maltese. Until 1530 Malta was an extension of Sicily: The Normans, the Aragonese and other conquerors who ruled over Sicily also governed the Maltese Islands.


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