Marzamemi is a fisherman village located in the deep south-east of Sicily, founded by Arabs in 10th century. Arabs built the tonnara that, although is no longer in function, left to the city a deep-rooted fishing tradition. Tasting some of the huge variety of fishing products on which Marsamemi’s economy is based, is considered a must when you visit the town.

Recently Marzamemi has become an incredible spot for people who want to enjoy a nice walk in the old town, surrounded by the ocean and the breeze. The village extends around the harbor, with its pretty, colored fleet made by wooden little boats; the centre is characterized by narrow streets and little stone houses with roof tiles, while a large, picturesque square is the center of the town.

Marzamemi, with its lovely atmosphere, its delightful local fishing products and its amazing view on a turquoise sea, is definitely worth visiting.

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