Savoca is a small medieval town in the province of Messina and not far from Taormina; together with the near village Forza d’Agrò, is famous for having been the location for the scenes of Godfather II set in Sicily.

On the main square of Savoca you will certainly recognize the Vitelli Bar, where Michael Corleone asks for the hand of Apollonia. The bar still retains the original door and curtains that were used during the Godfather shooting forty years ago, and it is definitely the main highlight of the village; here you can also savor an excellent granita al pistachio that is truly in a league of its own.

Another interesting spot connected with the Francis Ford Coppola’s saga is the Church of San Nicolò, the location of Michael and Apollonia’s famous wedding.

The best way to enjoy the visit to Savoca, as well as Forza d’Agrò, is just stroll along the typical medieval streets and discover how they still reflects perfectly the Sicilian reality of the past.

The fan of Godfather Trilogy will be really fascinated by the cinematographic atmosphere of these two typical Sicilian villages.

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