Ciao from a very warm Sicily!

I am 53 years old … not too elderly and not too young. I work in the Travel Industry since around 30 years and I never thought that a very small but powerful virus –as Covid-19 is– could have lockdown me for more than two months. Wars and terrorist attacks were my only concerns.

As a Sicilian Travel Agent, the moral dilemma of indulging people to travel post-Covid-19 is something I constantly grapple with.

There’s nothing good about the coronavirus, but in lockdown, we have been able to witness what happens to the Earth when we’re largely absent for the first time: clean sea and sky, ghostly silence around us … all stuffs that have forced us to reflect and appreciate our life.
I have learned to cook hand made pasta and genuine bread using special flours, cook cake and local organic jam … I have learned to paint my house walls and the balconies by removing wrinkles … in a few words: I never got bored and I always spent my time sticked at home doing useful things. My brain had to be busy LOL. By the way, for sure we won’t forget the 2020.

The lockdown forced us to stay at home and I have personally taken a few advantage of it –I am a very positive and active person– to value and consider a few important thinks of my life, BUT now, we do have to take possession back of our life because is a must and because we are alive.
Of course, step by step, with moderation, with caution, respecting each other. We will have to continue to use frequently sanitizer gel to clean our hands, use face masks in public locations and eat all the ingredients that increase our immunitary defenses such as lemon and ginger every day with warm water, fresh fruit, organic ingredients, fresh salad, almond, onions, garlic, mashrooms, yougurt, fish, legumes, dark chocolate, potatoes and more …. walk, ride and hike because we have to stay on shape … and do not forget the “Sun”, the amazing sun of Sicily which is full of iodine and D-vitamins.

Here in Sicily the Coronavirus situation is under control and in several regions is with zero-contaminations especially in the islands and in all the south side. The Markets across the globe are going to reopen –with restrictions and safety measures– and Italy-Sicily are starting to welcome again in June 2020 the EU community first, and later also all the other customers from all around the world. Small steps to restart!

We’re busy figuring out how to make that happen in this challenging time, promptly and responsibly, but in the meantime, we thought we’d highlight our Safe Customized Trips offering for 2020 and 2021.

We do not want to be on delay on this important start-up and because of it, I am very pleased –as Tour of Sicily member– to start to give our knowleadgeable on which is the best and confident way to travel to Sicily with us, taking really safety measures:

  • Recommended Tours: This is a crucial time and we thought we’d highlight our Private Trips offering for 2020 and 2021. If you are looking to join us to explore the world actively this year or the next, a Private Trip might be a great choice.A Private Tour of Sicily is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with family and friends and enjoy the face-to-face connection we’ve all been missing over the last several months. There’s nothing better than traveling with your favorite people!

    Experience genuine insights into Sicily and its culture and enjoy individual support by your Sicilian local experts!

    We do create custom-made trips to destinations of your choice. You may want to travel either along the classic archaeological route or having a mix of the most important local highlights combined with the delicious olive oil and wines … hiking the volcano, enjoy cooking classes, experience culnary roots at home, experience the local life off the beaten track with lunch at home or in picnic style … indulging your senses in the local-organic-genuine gastronomy …. we do it!Give a look at the lovely private day tours we do provide several solutions shown on  and in case you wish to spend more days looking to explore the entire island, we do provide several private multidays tours which are shown on … and/or in case you wish something else, do not stress your-self, I am here disposal to create something special for you!
  • Availability: At this stage we do have space available for the 2020 and 2021 but start to decide your travel dates soon because we do have several customers forced this year to cancel their trip but available to move it for the 2021. Sicily is a lovely Mediterranean Island and is considered by BBC and New York Time one of the best world-destinations.
  • Private Tour Descriptions: We do provide all the private day tours, as well as the multidays tour, using a private vehicle/van with an English speaking driver which is a local guy, able to escort you to visit the most important local sites. To visit Archaeological Sites or Historical Locations we will hire a Local Guide who will meet you at the entrance of each site.
  • Pricing: All the rates are in Euros, the conditions and costs will be shared with you based on your trip durations, miles and style of services.
  • Capacity and Sanitization: We take care of social distancing and other local requirements as required by Italian Government, including daily vehicles sanitization and the forniture into our vehicles of hand sanitizer gel.

Outside of the global tourism economy, travel has the potential to benefit all of us.
When we travel in a meaningful way, we gain cross-cultural understanding and develop greater empathy for people outside of our immediate circle. Travel gives us the global perspective we need to care about the future of our home here on Earth.

I –and all of us at Tour of Sicily– are looking forward to welcome you in our amazing island

Ciao e a presto!
Valeria –nick-name: Valy–