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April to November

Local Staff


Hiking Day Tour

East Side


Season: April to November
Duration: One Day Tour
Time: full day from h 8AM
Hiking Details: Km: 10 | 1100 vertical meters downhill | 400 meters of elevation gain
Meeting Point: to be advised at time of booking
Cable Car Ticket: not included. We do recommend to purchase only one way ticket on the spot. | Return: fun descent on the volcanic ash

Note: this excursion is not accessible to cariopaths, asthmatics and people suffering from joint problems. To participate, you must be in perfect physical condition and be used to hiking on difficult terrain at high altitude

Level of Difficulty: 


Price includes the following:

  • Qualified Hiking guide (Italian and English)

What to wear and bring with you:

  • backpack for your personal items 
  • Comfortable clothes suitable for hiking, a rain/wind jacket, a change of clothes
  • A change of clothes in case of rain 
  • Hiking Boots 
  • Sunglasses & sun cream
  • camera or smartphone if you want to take photos
  • A spirit of fun and adventure


BLOG: Walking Holidays


Day 1
Etna Hike and Descent on the Volcano Ash
Today independent departure to join the Meeting Point (Details: to be shared at time of booking) which is in the Etna area and around Rifugio Sapienza and from here we catch on the first cable car up to 2.500 mt. Then walk on the volcanic sand, away from the crowds.

This excursion is a trekking of around 10 km to visit Valle del Bove, a large horseshoe-shaped caldera on the active Sicilian volcano.

Our trail crosses fascinating places: it is a unique opportunity to observe the recent eruptive activity and the lava flow of 2001, you will also see a lava tunnel.

The most fun moment of this excursion is the descent on the fine volcanic ash, in the Valle del Bove caldera, over 900 meters of descent. The beauty of this painting, painted by the volcanic forces of nature, leaves hikers breathless. Hiking on the volcanic sand in the Valle del Bove caldera is an unforgettable memory that will remain in your memories.

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DEUTER has developed specials ystem tailored to the specific requirements of the various areas of application. We are pleased to introduce them as below specified:

For maximum ventilation, we use small to medium-volume backpacks that are well suited to easier terrain. The permanently elastic spring steel frame forms the indestructible heart of the Aircomfort. It provides the airy mesh net with a stable tension, even when fully loaded, and creates a ventilation space between the backpack and back that allows the humidity to be extracted freely.

The easiest way to carry large weights comfortably is when the backpack and wearer form a single unit. Our Aircontact principle starts here: The carry system sits directly on the body, and the weight is kept close to the body’s centre of gravity. This guarantees full control and an effective load transfer. At the same time, the breathable Aircontact back pads ensure noticeably comfortable ventilation with every movement through a pump effect.

In every riding situation, a bike backpack must firmly sit on the rider’s back. Our unique Airstripes system ensures a firm fit and ventilation: thanks to the low backrest it continuously circulates fresh air between the Airstripes pads with their ventilation channels and the wide AirMesh cover. At the same time, the weight is always kept close to the body. This prevents the build-up of centrifugal forces that could cause the backpack to break loose.

GABEL Authorized Retailer is an amazing company specialized in trekking and nordic walking lines. Quality products are guaranteed by a leading brand in the industry as only Gabel can be, with costant new special offers, discounted products and new entries, including the new racing production line designed for the World Cup athletes.

Advantages of Hiking Poles
Most obviously, poles reduce the impact of hiking on knee joints and leg muscles. Arm and shoulder muscles support and relieve the leg muscles. With the basic "hands above the heart" position necessitated by the poles, circulation is improved and heart rate is reduced. The "rhythm" created by walking with poles leads to relaxed, more regular breathing and increased stamina.

A landmark study published by Dr. G. Neureuther in 1981 proved that use of "ski poles" while walking reduces the pressure strain on the opposite leg by approximately 20%. Furthermore, while walking on level ground, poles reduce the body weight carried by the legs by approximately 5 kg every step. Move to an incline, and that reduction increases to 8 kg. This translates into tons of weight -- yes, tons -- for even a two hour hike.

Jacquie Hunt, editor of a popular hiking newsletter, weighs in with additional health benefits: "An advantage that I found once I started using poles is that my hands no longer swell up when it is hot. Keeping your arms moving so the blood doesn't pool in the hands is a lot safer than keeping hands high on pack straps and risking a smashed face if you trip."

Finally, poles help many people with balance issues. We all have different comfort levels when balancing along puncheons, crossing streams, etc.; for some hikers, trekking poles are worth their weight in gold. They can certainly aid when crossing soft ground, and can be indispensible for tasks like river crossings, and scree running.

Book your Deuter Backapack and Gabel Pole with us!