Godfather II - III (Approximately 3 hours)
Every effort is made to provide the tour as described below, however the itinerary may change due to situation beyond our control. 
Today you are greeted at Taormina and driven to enjoy the scenes of The Godfather movie. From the coastal road, rich of villas, flowering gardens, and picturesque villages, leads to the historical artist town of Savoca. In a private house in the village, Bar Vitelli houses a collection of local artisans' tools and photographs taken when Francis Ford Coppola shot scenes of The Godfather II. Stroll along the village's main street past Santa Lucia and San Michele churches for a short view over the valley. Drive away, we'll find Forza d'Agrò, a charming little village over-looking the Arab-Norman castle of Capo Sant'Alessio. In 1990, Al Pacino and Sophia Coppola shot scenes here for The Godfather III. From the main square, a lane meets the circular steps that ascend to the Gothic-Catalan portal in front of the Church of San Agostino. Later we drive back to Taormina.

Godfather II & III: Bar Vitelli, Savoca, overlook over Capo Sant' Alessio

- Group of 2 People: Euro 150,00 per Person
- Group of 3 People: Euro 105,00 per Person
- Group of 4 People: Euro  85,00 per Person
- Group of 5 People: Euro  70,00 per Person
- Group of 6 People: Euro  60,00 per Person
- Group of 7 People: Euro  50,00 per Person
- Group of 8 People: Euro  45,00 per Person


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