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Mount Etna is an active Volcano, the largest in Europe. High approximately 3,326m (10,910 ft) above sea level and dotted with snow most of the year. It overlooks the city of Catania and can be seen from many kilometers away. Mount Etna is one of the main attractions in the East side of Sicily.
Mount Etna Natural Park in the lower slopes has a fertile volcanic soil that supports extensive agriculture. Vineyards, olive groves and orchards here flourish. As you climb higher, the lowlands evolve into dense woods, until you are left at the third tier of the mountain, a spartan wasteland of historic lava flows and volcanic ash. Some of the lava is dated at 300,000 years old.

Enjoy Etna evocative landscapes, visit the vineyards, walk in the beautiful paths and fell the nature renaissance into the destructive scenery of the past eruptions.

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Private Tours from the main towns of Sicily

Plan your tour including the experience that attracts you the most or Enquire us for a customized tour.

  • Etna & Winery
  • Etna & Taormina
  • Etna with ascent to the top of Volcano
  • 4×4 Land Rover Experience
  • Quad Ride
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Off-road experience by comfortable 4×4 Land Rover starting from Taormina

Enquire us for pick-up in other towns in the East coast of Sicily.

Plan your tour including a light lunch at a rustic restaurant or a food & wine experience in Winery sampling local cuisine and excellent wines.


Small Group Tours with departure from Taormina or from Catania

Look at our best seller from Taormina or surf on Mount Etna Small Group Tours


Explore Etna Volcano at morning or sunset and choose if visit Taormina or doing snorkeling in combination


Collective Coach Tours with departure from Taormina or from Siracusa

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Taormina Coach Tours include pick-up in Taormina uptown and also in the areas of Taormina by the sea, Giardini Naxos, Recanati and Letojanni.

Most of Siracusa Coach Tours include pick-up directly at your hotel (if reachable by coach).


Climb on Mount Etna with a private Driver and spend your time through the slopes of Volcano and lava formations only in company of your family or friends.
What kind of experience are you looking for?
Would you like a more adventurous tour? 4×4 Land Rover and quad or hiking on the top of Mount Etna may be the right choice for you!
Would you rather a relaxing trip? Sample Etna wines at a cozy Winery or add a stroll in the glamorous town of Taormina.

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Food & wine experience on the slopes of Mount Etna

Sample local cuisine and excellent Etna DOC wines directly into a Winery with vineyards that spread over the slopes of Etna Volcano.
Include this experience in your Etna tour or add the Etna wine tasting to the visit of Taormina. Available also as a shore trip.


Explore our Etna & Wine tours or Enquire us for a customized tour.


Ascent up to 2.500 / 2.900 meters

Climbing Etna from the South side you can easily reach 1.900 meters and then catch cable car up to 2.500 meters and continue by special 4×4 off-road vehicles up to 2.800 meters.
Then hiking to reach 2.920 meters or around 3.100 meters. Climb safely with expert Guides.

Due to the snow ascent to the top is not feasible in Winter.
Available from Taormina, Catania, Siracusa, Messina and other towns in the area, also as a shore excursion.

Enquire us for more details.


Add the glamorous town of Taormina to your Etna tour

Travel through the slopes of Mount Etna to experience the lava fields and the incredible landscape view.
Then reach Taormina, the famous resort town and stroll around on your own.

For a better experience include an optional lunch in a rustic restaurant on Mount Etna or a stop into a Etna winery with wine tasting.

Available from TaorminaCatania, Siracusa, Messina and other towns in the area, also as a shore excursion.

Enquire us for more details.


This is a Transfer with Sightseeing on the Way

Smart way to have a full day on Mount Etna while you move from one Town to the other.

Enquire us for a customized transfer tour with stop at Mount Etna.


Off-road experience by comfortable 4×4 Land Rover

Departure from Taormina hotel. On request pick-up in other towns in the East coast of Sicily.


Include the Quad Ride in your Etna Tour

Quad Bike on Mount Etna is a small group experience with departure at altitude. Pick-up from Taormina or other towns on request.