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Why Sicily and who are the Sicilians?

Why Sicily and who are the Sicilians? The Sicilians: Sicanians • Elymians • Sicels • Phoenicians • Greeks • Carthaginians • Romans • Goths • Byzantines • Arabs • Normans..

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The Magic of Sicily’s East: 10 Days of Gastronomy, History, and Etna

Dramatic history, stunning scenery, fantastic food—what more could you want in a vacation? All of that and more awaits on the Eastern coast of Sicily. Explore ancient ruins, delight in..

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City to City Hop: 8 Exciting Things to See on a Transfer Tour of Sicily

While visiting the island of Sicily, there are many fascinating cities to see. Traveling from one town to another can take the majority of your day, so why not make..

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