Food and Wine Sicily Tours

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, just off the ‘toe’ of Italy’s boot. It’s also an island with a unique, eclectic, and rich history: Sicily was first ruled by the Phoenicians, followed by the Greeks, followed by the Romans. After the Romans came the Muslims, followed by the Normans, Muslims, Normans, Spanish, and finally, Italians. Each of them made an indelible imprint on Sicilian Culture, GastronomyWine and Olive Oil. Sicily represents the set of all the Mediterranean culinary traditions concentrated in a single small and amazing island!

In Sicily, Food and Wine are more than a source of sustenance, they are a real lifestyle!

In Sicily, fine wine is something to share with friends over good conversation, while meals bring together families for event that last well into the night.

Given that has been this way for thousand of years, it’s no wonder that the Food and Wine Tours of Sicily are truly legendary.

Discover the most delicious part of Sicily!

A slow tourism through the Sicilian provinces, that will take you between dairy farms, olive oil and oil mill, wine and wineries of excellence, a feast for all five senses. An itinerary — split into private tour and small size group tour — to spend unique moments according to your needs. … travel between extraordinary scents, flavors and wines, from the west to the south and then to the east of Sicily, with an itinerary studied and tested, to offer an authentic food and wine experience!

Explore Food and Wine Grand Tour of Sicily with us

Private Tour: Food and Wine | 10 days

Sicily has been called the “eternal crossroads of the Mediterranean” and the vast diversity of her people, cultures, and even landscape will certainly support that claim

  • Food, Wine and Art Lovers – Private Tour of Sicily

    Agrigento, Erice, Etna, Marsala, Modica, Monreale, Off the Beaten Track Village, Palermo, Ragusa, Salt Way Road, Siracusa, Taormina
    Sicily is a perfect destination for those who love art, delicious food, aromatic wines and breathtaking landscapes. Despite its small territory unlike other Italian regions, Sicily claims years and years of history, incredible cultural wealth and folkloristic differences in every corner, which makes it a unique and inimitable country.
    12 Days
    11 Nights
    • Multi Days
    • Private Tour
    • All Year
    • First Class > Boutique
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Small Size Group Tour: Food and Wine | 10 days

Discover the best of Sicily. This is a small group tour to Sicily that will make you feel as if you were staying in a home of good friends.

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    Food and Wine Grand Tour of Sicily Escorted Tour

    Agrigento, Erice, Etna, Marsala, Modica, Monreale, Palermo, Ragusa, Salt Way Road, Siracusa, Taormina
    Sicily in 10 days with a small size group tour, up to 12 people. Meals, wine, chocolate, organic olive oil and more.
    10 Days
    9 Nights
    • Semi Escorted
    • up to 12 ppl
    • Scheduled
    • Boutique
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Food and Wine

Street Food Tour
Wine tastings in selected wineries
Countryside village experiences
Selected local restaurants
Chocolate and marzipan tastings

Art and Culture

Arab-Norman monuments
UNESCO sites
Valley of the Temples
Baroque architecture
Time machine (optional)


Etna WD4X4 Land Rover
Truffle Hunting (optional)
Tuna Fishing Village (optional)

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