In this paragraph, the today topic is Sicily Wine of a wine country, and It can be as simple as choosing between red or white, or it can be a passionately debated topic that carries a discussion through an entire evening and beyond.

As a result, Winemaking and its seductive artifact are part agriculture, part history, part culture, part landscape, part volcano minerals and an undeniable delight for the senses–all in one beautiful bottle.

If you’re passionate about wine, Sicily is an increasingly desirable place because It’s a place that truly encapsulates the exquisite, the profound and the enchanting nuances of wine culture. We do combine wine tastings with historial and cultural visits. We do combine all indulging you to taste the local genuine Sicilian recipes.

… and the Tour Experience I personally do recommend is for sure a Wine and Gastronomy in combo with historic sites because this is a great way to indulge your senses in the island of Sicily.

In other words, let me say:
Firstly, having a Palermo street food with tasting of local delicious dishes;
Secondly, visit a winery in the area of Marsala which is a famous area famous for the Marsala wine;
Thirdly, tasting of organic olive oil;
Fourthly, have a traditional meal experience with locals in a village which is off the beaten track;
Fifthly, walk in the Valley of the Temples and the Roman Villa to visit UNESCO sites;
Sixthly, visit the baroque area to taste the chocolate cooked using the Aztec recipe;
Seventhly, and most importantly the Etna landscape and wine!

In conclusion, which is the best to try all? Travel to Sicily, and take our Sicilian Wine and Gastronomy Experience, so you can enjoy the most important local delights, for istance!

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