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Sicily Travel Planner up to 7 days

Nice to meet you. This is Valeria Gulotta (nick-name: Valy) and I am very pleased to deal with you.

Are you looking to travel to Sicily and Italy?

Too many sites to explore, too many things to plan and I am quite sure you are a little bit confused trying to combine all.

NO STRESS … travelling has to be a pleasure!

I am here to help you plan an unforgettable private tour.

THE TRIP PLANNING FEE IS REFUNDABLE if you book services up to 1.500 total VAT included.

Start today, take a map, paper, pen and put down your ideas, together we will customize your perfect and unforgettable Italy-Sicily experience.

​You can easly surf on our web-site, pick each single service you are interested in, sum all up and obtain the total costs that you can compare with the customized-multidays-tours I provided…..I can tell you with out problems that a cutomized tour is for sure much more expensive!

If you are looking just for single day tours you can book on-line using the various amazing tours we offer and that are available on the above MENU.

If you are looking for a Real, Original, Unforgettable, Experience of Sicily: trust Valy!

Anyone can book a tour, pick a hotel, choose day-tours and transfer with stops and read the list of “must do’s”.

What  we offer is a unique travel experience: picnics with local treats in awsome overlooks, off the beaten track routes, lunch and cooking classes with locals, high professional- friendly-knowledageable drivers and team.
Let Valy capture your dreams and make her transform them in a real vacation, all this requires foresight and attention to details.

This is Valy job, and this is a Sicilian Travel Planner!

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