Palermo, located on the North-West cost of Sicily, is the regional capital and the biggest city of the island. The unique atmosphere and the vast range of architectural styles make Palermo a peculiar Mediterranean city in which you can find traces of numerous dominations. In fact, over the centuries Palermo attracted various people (the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Normans and the Spanish, just to name the most significant); everyone deeply influenced Palermo not only in architecture and culture, but also in the habits of their inhabitants. As a result, nowadays the capital is a wonderful melting pot of cultures and styles; here you can admire Byzantines buildings close to Baroque churches, followed by open air market in Arab style.

Stroll around the city centre, and you will be surprised by numerous artistic delights in every corner. After the visit to the majestic Cathedral, a walk along Maqueda street will reveal highlights such as Pretoria Fountain, Four Corners, Massimo Theatre and Politeama Theatre. Furthermore, don’t miss to cross one of the open-air city markets, whose Arabic origins are still evident in the narrow streets and in the atmosphere full of noise, aromas and colors. Here, you’ll have the chance to taste typical street food: fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, spices. If you have the possibility, take the time to visit also: Casa Professa Church (Chiesa del Gesù) in Baroque style; Capuchin Catacombs (full of mummified cadavers included the well-preserved body of a little girl); Norman Palace with the Palatine Chapel (famous for its mosaics).

Furthermore, in sunny days a stroll along Mondello seafront should be a really pleasant option to take into consideration.

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