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Enjoy local life and real gastronomy for your unforgettable Sicilian Local Food experience in the Platani River Valley, a territory off the beaten track full of history and legends that was once the Sikanian Kingdom.


·      Off the beaten track experience
·      Visit an authentic cheeses workshop
·      Demonstration of Pizza and Bread preparation
·      Tasting and Lunch in picnic style included

First time visitors can’t help but be dazzled and awed when, from the provincial road that meanders from Agrigento inland along curves, twists and bends between mountains and hills, they are greeted by a uniquely spectacular view. On a lonely hill, in the center of the Platani River Valley, surrounded by wild and harsh vegetation, a handful of houses lies on the sheer slope of the hill. In this small town a farmer will offer you a real demonstration of how to work diligently with sheep’s milk to create delicious and typical Sicilian cheeses. The farmer will show you various cheeses aging and will explain how differently they are produced and how many different can be the flavor of dairy products by cows or sheeps milk.

Walk on the streets of the Village, discovering the main attractions and enjoying the atmosphere of a not tourist country. Then meet bakery owner that will show you Pizza and Bread preparation in a basic old style bakery, made of old heavy bricks. Simple, home-cooked snack in picnic style to taste Sicilian Pizza and Pane Cunsatu (a typical homemade bread with olive oil and pecorino cheese), strictly cooked in wooden oven.

Then back to Agrigento.

The Legend of Daedalus and Kokalos
In Platani River Valley was Kokalos realm, most likely over “Monte Castello” (Castle Mount). Kokalos was a King of Sikans and Greek mythology links Kokalos with Daedalus, a skillful and very smart craftsman, artist, inventor and architect. Daedalus was sent away from Athens after he had killed his nephew and apprentice Talus, become too talented. Daedalus went to Crete to service King Minos and devised many works, such as a Labyrinth and a wooden cow used by Minos’s wife to mate with a bull. By this union a Minotaur was born (part man, part bull), then kept in the Labyrinth. Theseus ventured into the Labyrinth to kill the Minotaur and found the exit following the Ariadne’s thread, as recommended by Daedalus. For this reason Daedalus was imprisoned with his son Icarus, but once again revealed his talent making two pairs of wings by wax and feathers and flying away. But Icarus went to close to the sun, his wings melt and he fell and died. Daedalus took refuge at Kamikos in Sicily and built an impregnable realm for Kokalos, the Sikanian King. Minos found Daedalus thanks to a stratagem: only Daedalus could solve the riddle, making an ant walk tied to a thread into a shell and then into a specific hole! When Minos demanded Daedalus, Kokalos made Minos killed and told Cretans that it was an accident. Minos was buried into a mausoleum built in an area that then become the town of Eraclea Minoa.

This excursion includes pick-up and drop-off at Your Hotel in Agrigento and transfer to the place of activities provided with Italian speaking Driver. Once arrived at destination all the activities will be done with English speaking Staff.



  • All sightseeing, tasting and excursions as specified in the itinerary
  • Cooking demonstration
  • Credit Card fees
  • English speaking staff
  • Italian speaking Driver
  • Typical Sicilian rustic lunch
  • VAT
  • Vehicle with air conditioning
Not Included
  • Admission fees
  • Beverage and meal not specified
  • Gratuities and tips
  • Licensed Tourist Guide if not specified
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