Trapani, located in the west coast of Sicily, was founded by Elymians; they used the city as an agricultural centre, while the Phoenician turned it in an important port. During the First Punic War, its coasts witnessed the epic victory of Phoenician above Romans.

Trapani owes its name to its shape of a sickle (Drepanon in Greek).

Its strategic position makes it an ideal base for several excursions: it lies on the slopes of Erice, close to the city of Marsala, near the archaeological site of Selinunte and, furthermore, the magnificent Egadi Islands are just a few miles off its coast.

The city centre still bears a Medieval imprint. Among the numerous highlights: the  Annunciation Sanctuary built in Romanesque-Gothic style, the  XVI century “Giudecca Palace” (Spedaletto) and the Baroque Cathedral and Colleggio church.

Certainly, the port and the coast of Trapani are the greatest richness of the city: its harbor offers beautiful views of the most breathtaking Mediterranean sunsets; furthermore, tuna fishing and salt production are the main activities on which Trapani’s economy is based; the surrounding coastal landscape is hence characterized by windmills, that make the viewpoint suggestive and unusual.

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